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Stage 1- On line tests & Operational, design & historic information
This would be a review of all engineering design and operational documents, Past test data including regular scans with on-line test methods. New oil tests would be undertaken. This should identify the common problems and prioritize which offline test is more important in second phase for detail review Activities: External inspection, IR/UHF surveys, and oil tests for main tank and LTC including DGA and FURAN, Checking of pump operation and fans.
Stage 2 – Off-line test on all units
Focus on those that indicate risk from Sage-1.Undertake a range of outage tests to investigate issues, and correlate with assessment from stage-1. Activities: Off line tests- PF/Cap, Winding and insulation resistance, SFRA, Turns Ratio, Leakage Reactance, Bushing, Surge arrester testing, OLTC operation and dynamic contact resistance measurement, Moisture analysis of paper insulation by dielectric method (PDC FDS)
Stage 3 – Classification of Transformer and recommendation for future test:
All units will be assessed in terms of design groups with problems, overall condition, and thermal mechanical and dielectric condition. Assessment will be based on
Operational problems and design group historyOil condition of main tank & selectorsThermal ageing and hot spots in winding and connectionDielectric conditionMechanical condition
The test frequency and recommended test will be modified after each cycle of measurement depending upon the condition of Transformer.

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